Peace & Blood: The Tortured Genius of 3rd Strike

Conceptual project for the Street Fighter series.

Over the years, I've found a lot of inspiration in Capcom's Street Fighter series. One of the least-loved and least-remembered games in the series is Third Strike: Fight For The Future. It was released during a time when fighting games and pixel art were on the decline, not to mention the game itself suffered from overly-complicated mechanics and character imbalances. Safe to say it was not an immediate fan favorite.
Yet, despite its drawbacks, Third Strike made some bold advances, including brilliant animation and innovative character design. The game's profile has risen as of late, making its resurgence and local and national tournaments. Brimming with personality and bravado, in a way it is the most "artistic" Street Fighter game.
Here I've re-interpreted many of the original characters in the series. My goal was to portray these subjects in a new light, outside of their digitized and pixelated personas. These pieces have been featured in local galleries as well as making headlines on Capcom's own Capcom-Unity website.
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